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Welcome to

NorCal Doodle or Two

Home Grown With Lots of Love and Attention

We are Eric & Lorrie, owners of NorCal Doodle or Two. We have fallen in love with raising doodles on our property in Nevada City, California. We lovingly home-raise health-tested Multigen Bernedoodles who are non-shedding and considered hypoallergenic, one litter at a time!!

We are enjoying life, spending time with our grown kids, six grandkids...and of course our cuddly four-legged friends. As you search the web for four-legged friends too, we hope you enjoy the photos of our beautiful bernedoodles.

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About NorCal Doodle or Two

Who Are We and Why Bernedoodles?

NorCal Doodle or Two is a trusted small breeder of beautiful multigenerational bernedoodles grown with a solid foundation for becoming the perfect family pet or service dog.  We use Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Introduction (ESI) and apply the Puppy Culture protocol with each litter. Our puppies also get lots of hugs, kisses, and playtime with those six grandkids!

We feel the hybrid mix between Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle is perfect! The resulting bernedoodle is calm, loyal, intelligent, and trainable with a non-shedding coat. They are great with children and very just plain gorgeous!

Bailey/Wolfie litter is due June 7th. They will be medium-sized multigen bernedoodles (35-65 lbs). We anticipate tricolored, phantom, sable and merle puppies!

Taking reservations! Your deposit holds a place in line for selection day, in order of deposit received.

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What Sets Us Apart

One Litter At A Time

We are committed to lovingly raising one litter at a time in our home.  This means our momma and puppies are truly part of our family! 

As a retired educational psychologist, I know how important the early years are for children...and it's the same way for puppies.  Days 3-16 present an excellent opportunity to give puppies a great start in life.  We use the Puppy Culture protocol with our litters.

Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture is the gold standard when it comes to puppy rearing and early socialization. This program is used by breeders all over the world to improve the lives of puppies and to limit behavioral issues. Through a specific protocol, puppies are introduced to stimuli early on, helping them to cope with and move past stressors that would otherwise cause behavioral issues as adults. Some of the benefits include fewer behavioral issues, fewer fears, improved brain development, enhanced bonding, better emotional balance, and the ability to better adjust to novel situations. 

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Weekly Puppy Culture Activities

This is why we raise them one litter at a time...

Day 3-16

Puppies are individually and specifically handled to participate in ENS & ESI. This is not a substitute for routine handling, bonding, cuddling, and play socialization but an addition to it.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS).

By providing gentle stressors at this young age, for short periods of time, the puppy's stress response is improved for a lifetime.  Specific exercises impact the neurological system by kicking it into action earlier than it would normally occur. ENS has been researched and documented benefits include:

Improved cardiovascular performance 

Stronger heartbeats

Stronger adrenal glands

More tolerance to stress

Greater resistance to disease. 

Early Scent Introduction (ESI)

A training program for puppies designed to enhance their ability to identify, and react to, specific scents. Each day, I introduce a strong scent to the puppy for brief intervals and record the puppy's reaction. It has been documented that dogs that participated in ESI on day 3-16 of their lives had more scenting titles than those that did those who had not participated. For practical purposes, this means these dogs, with enhanced scent abilities, have the potential to be better companions, service, and therapy dogs.  

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Puppy Culture

Beyond Day 16

Week Three Highlights

  • Enriched Environment

  • Limited Visitors and Socialization Begins

  • Startle Recovery exercises to prime puppies for the challenges of a busy life

  • Foundation exercises for prevention of separation anxiety

  • Litter box added to establish foundation of potty training

  • Desensitizing puppy to hum of trimmers to prepare for grooming activities​

  • Body handling, nail trims, grooming

Week Four Highlights

  • Moved to a larger weaning pen, with age-appropriate enrichment

  • Exercises to Improve Emotional Resiliency, establishing the ability to bounce back from life challenges

  • Problem-Solving Games to enhance the ability to handle frustration, thus reducing aggression behavior

  • Crate Conditioning slowly introduced

  • Body handling, nail trims, grooming

Week Five Highlights​

  • Puppies learn to communicate in socially acceptable ways, Communication Trinity

  • Training - Attention, Asking Politely (Manding), Come

  • Fear Period - As the puppies are now capable of fear response, they are gently handled and protected from experiences that may cause lifelong fear problems

  • Crate Conditioning: Puppies are fed in individual crates. Encouraged to run into their crates.

  • Body handling, nail trims, grooming

Week Six Highlights

  • Puppies are very curious during this period

  • Introduction to novel people of all shapes, ages, and sizes. Focused care ensures puppies have a positive response during these important first meetings​

  • Real-life practice - puppies get to practice their training in real-life settings, asking politely (manding) for petting (instead of jumping up for attention)

  • Puppies show off their enrichment-seeking abilities and build confidence on novel object challenges. 

  • Puppies are introduced to and learn to love strange textures, unusual footings, heights, and noises

  • Crate Conditioning continues. Puppies nap in crate with door open. They eat in crate with door closed.

  • Car Training. Puppies play in car with engine off

  • Body handling, nail trims, grooming

Week Seven Highlights

  • This week we look at preventing problem behaviors

  • Puppies are taught to love having someone take their food, food bowl, bones, toys, etc. Helps prevent resource guarding later in life

  • Taught to sit on cue, come when called, give up a toy

  • Crate Conditioning. Enter crate when asked. eat in crate with door closed. Nap in crate with door closed, if responding well.

  • Car Training. Puppies daily have a treat in car with engine running. Short car ride.

Week Eight Highlights​

  • Puppies transition to their forever family homes

  • Training and practice continues. 

  • Crate Conditioning continues. 

  • Daily short car rides

  • Flirt play and other puppy-safe play

  • Ongoing body handling, nail trims, grooming

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